Autumn 2008 (Vol. 36, No. 3)

Autumn 2008

Taking Stock by Will Joyner

Putting a Face on the Six Million by Kevin J. Madigan
Why this non-Jewish professor teaches about the Holocaust
Shifting Discourse by Harvey Cox
The tangled history of human rights and Christianity
'A' Source of Law? by Reza Aslan
The different types of shari'a states
Beyond Vengeance by Karen Tse
Human rights are best fulfilled by building legal infrastructure

The Temple That Won't Quit by Joan R. Branham
The ancient Jewish temple in Jerusalem has been recreated yet again at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida, but with a mixture of Jewish and Christian symbolism that many critics find problematic.
An American Jew in Poland by Jordie Gerson
"Going back" to Poland as part of a dialogue group brings a rabbinical student face to face with the riddles, tragedies, and ghosts of history.
Just Like All the Other Animals of the Earth by Christine Korsgaard
Human ethical practices and attitudes with respect to animals exhibit a curious instability.

In Review:
The Other Ineffable by James K. A. Smith
Julian Barnes's Nothing to Be Frightened Of
A Newly Raucous Arena by Todd Shy
A review of recent books on contemporary politics and religion.
The Healing Ministry of Rock and Roll by Jeffrey B. Symynkywicz
Bruce Springsteen's ministry

Two Poems by Patricia Smith
Three Poems by W. S. Di Piero