Spring 2008 (Vol. 36, No. 2)

Spring 2008

Dancing Together in Uncertainty by Brin Stevens

Renovating a Jewish-Muslim Bridge by Edward Kessler
Muslims offer a letter of reconciliation to Jews.
Women Only? by Andrea Useem
Shades of intention and effect in Harvard's gym-hours controversy.
Fertility Factors by Ronit Irshai
Reconsidering halakhah in a range of fertility issues.
Christianity's New Guises in China by Sunny Lee
Christianity takes on new guises in China.

Credo by Marilynne Robinson
Reverence is a kind of awe, and awe is a kind of humility. In that way, reverence is the great corrective to a tendency of belief to warp, to contract, and to harden.
Living under the Fallen Sky by Laurie Zoloth
What talk of God, what theology, is possible if you love science, if you count on it, if you study in the world of basic medical research?
One Irish Poet's Way: A Portfolio by Wendy McDowell
Accompanying four of his poems, an interview with the poet John F. Deane.
Rooted in Humanity, Extended to Heaven by Tu Weiming
Many of the best new ideas emerge from consideration of the questions others have posed long ago, living in diverse landscapes fraught with tension, disagreement, and uncertainty.
Ora by Henry Greenspan
Jerusalem, 1971: An artist's passions and compulsions show that the light is, indeed, near the darkness.

In Review:
A Hollow Agnosticism by Chris Hedges
With Agassiz, Darwin, and God in a Collection's Inner Sanctum by Peter Bebergal
The Tip of an Ideological Iceberg by Kathryn Joyce
Climbing Jacob's Ladder by Christopher Queen

Three Poems by Katie Ford
Four Poems by John F. Deane
Wild Turkeys of the Northeast by Andrew McCarron